07 April 2011

F for Fonts (Guest Starring Font Humor of the Internet)

This post is brought to you by the letter F.

Fonts. They are great. They are funny. Font humor for the win!

Font Fight: By CollegeHumor

"Font Fight" is a sequel to CollegeHumor's "Font Conference"

XKCD: By Randall Munroe (Click through to see the font comic)

Comic Sans Criminal. If you are a Comic Sans Criminal, please take the pledge and change your ways. Or direct Comic Sans Criminals that direction.

I have issue with the Papyrus font specifically, but that will be further expounded upon on April 19, P for Papyrus. (I've saved my favorite Papyrus-specific comics for then.) Please enjoy today's font humor.

Now You!
Share your favorite font joke! Have you seen other funny font comics on the internet? I sure loves me a good font joke.