15 April 2011

M for Miniature

This post is brought to you by the letter M.

Can anybody explain the appeal of miniature things to me? Just when I thought things were getting bigger, they did a 180* on me and went tiny.

Miniature iPods
Miniature Computers
Miniature Cows

What is happening?!

I don't understand the appeal of the tiny things. Is it just that they're cute?

Picture by Callie Leuck.This miniature cow is pretty durn cute.

Little! Cute! Adorable!

Well, the miniature cows are pretty darn cute. Check out my post about the Minature Galloway Cattle. (I would have shamelessly reposted it, but I thought I'd get mocked. And I don't like being mocked. So, for reals now, go check it out. It's some seriously cool stuff.)

Now You!
What do you think is better smaller? (Or leave a comment on my Miniature Cows post.)