19 April 2011

P for Pastor Marrion P'Udongo (The Oskar Schindler of Congo)

This post is brought to you by the letter P.

I was going to write about the Papyrus font today, but I can do that anytime. Here is something of more pressing interest and need. I don't and won't do this frequently, so you know I think it's worthwhile when I ask you to donate your money. And I'm not asking for me.

Pastor Marrion P'Udongo has been called the "Oskar Schindler of Congo."

Marcus Bleasdale writes in his article A Fixer In Need:
"In a war that’s killed millions in Congo, Pastor Marrion has risked his life not only for journalists and photographers like myself, but also for his own people. In May 2003, the Pastor saved over 70 people from certain death when ethnic Lendu militia entered Bunia and began slaughtering their rival Hema in the streets."
Now, Pastor Marrion needs an expensive kidney transplant. He was diagnosed with acute renal failure this past year and is now receiving dialysis in Kenya. Pastor Marrion's nephew is donating a kidney for the procedure that is scheduled to take place on April 22.

A group of international journalists has been raising funds for the procedure, "But," Marcus Bleasdale writes, "we’re still about $10,000 short of saving his life, not to mention the thousands more that will be needed in the months that follow."

This is a good man who deserves some good coming to him. Also, he's spent his life helping other people, helping journalists, and helping stories that need to be told get out to the world. That's something I can really get behind.

Important Links
A Fixer In Need, by Marcus Bleasdale
Pastor Marrion, a Congolese fixer, needs your help, by Maria Salazar-Ferro.
The Pastor Marrion Fund at indiegogo.com

Now You!
  1. Can you contribute to help Pastor Marrion get his kidney transplant? Go to the Pastor Marrion Fund and choose "Other Amount" from the Contribute Now dropdown menu and just contribute what you can. If you can spare even 5 or 10 dollars, it would help.
  2. Can you spread the word about this cause? Fellow A-Z Bloggers, are you looking for a Q (quality man), R (renal failure), S (Schindler of Congo), etcetera?
I donated. Please join me with whatever you can.