03 July 2011

Another guest post on allisonwrites.com

Just a quick update to mention that Allison over at Allison Writes has posted another of my Sippable Stories submissions.

Allison is a pretty cool blogger lady. Her blog is interesting, witty, and also well-designed. Sippable Stories is one of her brainchildren (brainchilds?) that involves writing short stories on a blackboard coffee mug. Besides being fun, often dark-humored, and visually interesting, Sippable Stories involve stories on coffee mugs! I would start collecting mugs that had stories written on them, for serious. Think those Chipotle Burrito stories (that they put on their disposable cups) but on your morning coffee mug. Someone needs to start this novelty coffee shop idea. Seriously.

Also, Allison is currently pursuing a several-month roadtrip travel journey that I much admire. Hers is a blog to follow. I'm talking to you, dear friends who follow my blog via RSS. You know who you are.

Anyway, hop over to Allison Writes to check out my second Sippable Story submission, Older Brother.

Do it now.