07 July 2011

Green Roof!

I want a green roof.

I recently had the opportunity to tour the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Green Roof with my nature-writing graduate class. Keith Swann, a Johns Hopkins grad who now works at the ASLA, was kind enough to give us a presentation on the ASLA green roof project, answer our questions, and give us a tour of the green roof.

You can check out the ASLA video tour, if you're interested in that. (I guess I can't embed Vimeo videos.)

Anyway, there's all sorts of science, sustainability, and District of Columbia politics that are involved. I will  try to expand on that in another post. My main point is this: the green roof is so cool! I want one!

I was not expecting anything particularly fabulous when I heard "green roof." I expected, at best, some grass and stuff to cool down the building and get green cred. I did not expect a stunningly beautiful paradise hiding out on the roof.

The green roof has a "wave" (looks like a hill) on each side.

(I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. I was using my phone's camera.)

The left "wave" of the green roof.
I want to eat my lunch up here.
The right "wave" of the green roof.
If I had this on MY roof and could
sit around watching the sun set with
a glass of wine and a book...
Looking up from the side of a wave.

Pretty orange flower, just chillin'
View from behind the left wave. You can see
that it is built over some building equipment.

I was surprised that one of the species thriving on the
right wave of the ASLA green roof was cacti.
So now I'm wondering what I have to do to get one of these roofs!

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Now You!
Have you seen any cool green roofs? Do you want one?