07 September 2011

Hello, Campaigners

I noticed a getting-to-know-you game going around my Writers' Platform-Building Campaign group. So, for my new Campaign followers, I am participating in the 10 Facts About Me game thingy.
  1. I'm a Book Kid. That means that I have a pretty large vocabulary that I gathered from reading books, and while I know a lot of words I rarely know how to pronounce them correctly. Unfortunately, I rarely can identify which words I don't know how to pronounce until I'm in the middle of mispronouncing one. Then I just look like an idiot.
  2. A bad book made me realize I could write. When I was in the fifth grade, I was reading a rather terrible paperback book I'd picked up off the classroom common bookshelf and was reading surreptitiously under my desk while my homeroom teacher was teaching spelling or punctuation or something else I already knew. (She got upset if she caught me not paying attention, nonetheless.) The book was about some kids in the West and some kid ghosts and possibly there was a bus involved. I thought, I could write something better than this. That's when I realized that books were written by people, and I could write one if I wanted. And it's OK if it's terrible. Everybody starts somewhere.
  3. I'm pretty tall and this used to embarrass me. I acted pretty proud of being tall, but I slouched a lot and didn't stand evenly and did a lot to make myself look less tall. Now, I actually wish I could have another inch-and-a-quarter so I'd be a solid 6 feet tall in bare feet. Also, then I wouldn't be shorter than both of my younger siblings. (grr!)
  4. My favorite ice cream is strawberry. There's something about fruit and ice cream that belong together. I'd also go for peach or blackberry, but strawberry is more readily available.
  5. I'd be in the Google Army if Microsoft and Apple and Google went to war. Because really, I use a lot of Google services and let's be honest: Google would win. (Also they have terrifyingly smart people working for them. And maps of the world. And probably lots of other things we don't know about yet.)
  6. I have Opinions about commas. Like the Oxford comma. All of my Opinions are very niche-specific and frequently related to punctuation, fonts, or iced lattes. (I don't feel confident having opinions about subjects I'm not extremely knowledgeable on.)
  7. Probably my favorite book is The Hollow Kingdom by Clare Dunkle. It's a YA book and not The Hobbit or The Alchemist which are also on my Top 5 favorite books list and probably more literary-sounding. But there's something about The Hollow Kingdom that fascinates me. In high school, I wrote Clare Dunkle to tell her so, and she wrote me back--a several-page typed letter with detailed answers to my questions and also book recommendations. (She is the most awesome writer ever!) It made me realize that authors are real people, and can be quite nice and encouraging! I still follow her career and read her books, although I miss the characters of The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy.
  8. The best writing advice I've gotten is from my high school U.S. Government teacher, Mr. Hitchcock. And I don't think he realized he was giving writing advice. Maybe he did. Mr. Hitchcock's class was the hardest I had in high school, and harder than I had in college in this way: he gave "blue book exams" that were timed critical writing exams. They were terrifying. Mine used to come back with "So what?" scrawled all over the margins. Now, when I'm writing, I stop and think So what? What am I trying to say here? Why does anybody care? Then, I delete what I wrote and write the answer to "So what?"
  9. I'm very lucky. I got a nice job with a liberal arts degree. I live in a nice city. I am attending a nice graduate writing program with fantastic writers of an incredibly interesting variety. I am very lucky in my friends. I have some friends nearby, more friends near-ish by, and friends all over the country. I feel very lucky.
  10. I have a thing for green pens. I used to journal a lot (not anymore) and I literally could not write without my green pen. I still have a strong preference for green pens, and I feel better writing with a green pen. There's something friendly and attractive about green ink on the page.
So hello, my fellow Campaigners! Be seeing you.

Now You!
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