13 September 2011

Liebster Blog Award

I was given this cute award by Tia Bach of Depression Cookies. They involve saltines and peanut butter and marshmallows and definitely look like they might cure depression.

Tia says of this award:
"I discovered through an online English-German dictionary that liebster means dearest (or darling). What a beautiful concept to pass on an award to dear blogger friends. Sweet! This award is intended to show love to fellow bloggers with under 200 followers.

Rule-follower that I am, let's start there:


  1. Show your appre­ci­a­tion to the blog­gers who gave you the award by link­ing back to them.
  2. Reveal your five picks and let them know by leav­ing a com­ment on their blog. 
  3. Post the award on your blog. 
  4. Bask in the cama­raderie of the most sup­port­ive peo­ple on the internet—other writ­ers. 
  5. And best of all—have blog­gity fun and spread the love."
Then she said nice things about the other four awardees, and me!
"Callie Leuck's Writing Blog: She endeared me with her story about how a bad book made her realize she could write. She comes across as knowledgeable and fun, a great combination."
My evil plan is working. People think I am knowledgeable and fun! Muahaha. *ahem*

I'm especially excited to receive an award because I do have a short list of bloggers who I would like to briefly showcase. I might be breaking the rules about the less-than-200 follower count, though, because I could not identify follower count for most of these blogs. Also, I didn't want to leave the WordPress bloggers out of the fun. (Dear blog award gods, prithee don't smite me if I accidentally award this to blogs with +200 followers because I cannot tell how many followers most have, amen.)

Allison Renner of Allison Writes and AFR Creative. Allison is a writer and an artist. Her blog is both lovely and hilarious. Allison is the kind of person I suspect would be awesome to have as a friend in Real Life. She's extremely creative. [I am always impressed by the doodles she creates as pictures for her blog, and by her photographs.] Recently, she integrated writing and photography in her Sippable Stories. [Full disclosure: I loved these stories, and submitted two of my own.] Currently, she is travelling around and exploring and taking pictures and writing. I'm enjoying all of her travel posts as well. The pictures! To die for! [I am surprised she qualifies (barely) for this award. She should have, like, 3 billion followers.]

Bess Weatherby of It's the world, dear. I just started following Bess's blog through the Platform-Building Campaign, but I was immediately charmed. For one thing, her blog is pretty [Which is always a consideration for me, however shallow it may sound.] and also she named her blog for a Narnia quote. Her posts remind me of Neil Gaiman's blog posts, a bit rambling and charming. Also, she seems to enjoy a lot of the same books I enjoy. I've decided to be blog friends with her. [Surprise, Bess!] Bess is working on a YA novel. She calls her blog entries her ramblings and says "They'll give some insight to what it's really like to be a starving writer who lives in the city and gets by on freelance articles, babysitting and the occasional box of Franzia." [If Bess has 5 billion followers, I didn't know, so don't smite me.]

Lauren of I'm Better In Real Life. I started reading Lauren's blog in July when Allison showcased her. I don't know what I can say that Allison didn't already say. Lauren's posts are always well-written and engaging. I've decided to implement the $50-dollar-every-other-week "allowance" that Lauren and her new husband Kamel are using to help them stay in budget. Also, she's a writer. And she writes about everything, as far as I can tell. [Lauren is on WordPress, so I don't know how many followers she has. Check out her blog nonetheless.]

Claire Hennessy of Crazy California Claire. Claire is a new blogger, so let's all welcome her to the blogosphere. She is an Englishwoman living in America. She writes that her family "moved from England to live in California in order for me to marry my childhood sweetheart after a 30 year absence! That is rather a long and hilarious story, and the subject of my memoir 'Right From The Start' which I am writing after being nagged constantly by friends who think it would make a fantastic movie! " I am already interested in Right From The Start, so go encourage Claire in her writing so that I will be able to read her memoir when it's published!

N. Scott of The Voice of Stobby. I don't know much about N. Scott yet. She apparently just started blogging last month, but all of her posts have been well-written, friendly, and entertaining. Also, there's the story behind the blog: "Stobby showed up when I was three years old, around the same time we put the cat down, and stayed with me until I got some friends with better stamina. 40 years on and Stobby still pops by to give me advice, fix my hair and eat that extra piece of cake she knows I can't because I'm on a diet." I'm very interested to read more by N. Scott, so go ahead and give her some blogosphere love.