21 February 2012

Garret Tour Tuesday: Gabby Nesiba

Gabby Nesiba is a writer working on a YA novel. She is studying for an English degree and also works as an assistant manager at a children's clothing store. Gabby lives in Alabama with her husband, and her writing space is, as she says, "crammed in the 'junk room' — the space where everything that couldn’t fit somewhere else ends up."
"My writing space is located in the guest bedroom of my house and set up comfortably in the corner so people will have enough walking space to actually enter the room. That’s right; it’s the first thing that welcomes our guests into the room, as it is literally right there when one walks in the door."
The room also has a mini gym in it, although Gabby says that exercising doesn't stimulate her creativity so the closeness of the mini gym to her writing space has nothing to do with writing productivity.
"I’m super glad I positioned one of my bookcases right next to my desk, though, for when I do need inspiration, the words of “the greats” are just fingertips away. When I’m stuck or feel as if my project is going nowhere or begin to think I’ll never succeed in the biz, I often pull out a work by one of my favorite authors (often something by Sarah Dessen, Dorothy Parker, Elisabeth Scott, Betty Smith, or Sarah Zarr)."

Although the room has a television and a radio, Gabby finds both of those distracting.
"I cannot have the TV or the radio on because it’s far too distracting — not so much because of the sound, though. It’s mainly the picture. I just can’t turn away! And as for the radio, it’s because I can’t stop singing."
However, she does turn the television in the living room down the hall on so that she can have some talking noise without being able to see the moving image, as she finds complete silence distracting as well. Her most productive writing time tends to fall between noon and six in the evening, although due to her school and work commitments this time is not always available.
"I don’t always have access to that time frame, so I have to fit my writing in whenever I can. See, I work weird hours and they vary from day to day, and on top of that, I go to school so it’s often really early or really late when I find the time to write. But nine times out of ten, it’s really late. I’m not a morning person AT ALL!"
Gabby prefers solitude when she writes and throughout the entire writing process.
"I often write alone. There’s just something about solitude that makes me feel the freest and readily able to create. If I have someone lurking over me or asking questions or just plain out being bothersome, it makes me nervous and I shut down. I don’t like for anyone to see what I’m working on while I’m working on it. Thus, I’d rather just be alone, away from an outside eye, free to do what I do best in peace and quiet. Then, when I’m done and ready for the world to see it, I’ll happily share it with you. In fact, I’ll probably go overboard and shout it to the world at that point."
Although she is reticent about current projects, Gabby has written several short stories that she has shared on her site.

Now You!
How do you handle creating work space when you can't have a dedicated room? It seems like portioning off is a popular solution.

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