12 February 2012

If I had a million dollars (or several million)

I would buy an island mansion.

All of my family and friends could live there, if they wanted, and there would be tons of guest rooms for friends to visit for long holidays whenever they liked.
Clingstone House on Rhode Island's Naragansett Bay
Mercer Island Mansion in Washington
Hutchinson Island Mansion in Florida

I would do all my writing curled up awkwardly on a window seat in a library housing an extravagant book collection that would encompass every book anybody wants to read.

Walls would be decorated with framed stylistic punctuation marks and comics about grammar. (Just one example of my many favorite grammar/typography comics. This one by webcomic artist Danielle Corsetto, who I actually met at a convention last year and who was incredibly nice despite my sudden case of star-shocked awkwardness.)

All of my glasses would have punctuation marks etched onto them.
In homage to Allie Brosh of Hyperbole and a Half
I would probably have a few miniature cows because I am still kind of obsessed with how freaking awesome they are.
Picture by Callie Leuck. How can you not love her? They are all so beautiful.

Also, if I had an island mansion, I'd get to go swimming in the ocean pretty often, and maybe learn to operate a ship. And then I'd buy a ship, and it would be called Puff the Magic Dragon

Picture by Callie Leuck. Saw this ship in Michigan. Still love it. Still don't know enough (*ahem*anything) about ships to know what it is or even if it is a sea ship or just a big-lake ship. Or if there's a difference at all.
In this fantasy, I am also a marathon runner who looks like a supermodel, eats seaweed smoothies, raises chickens to be more environmentally friendly and have better-tasting fresh eggs, is a world-renowned photographer, built a better mouse-friendly mousetrap, and cured cancer. Also, this is all happening on Mars, because we're the first Mars colonists.

My imagination gets away from me a bit on occasion. But I wouldn't say no to an island mansion with plenty of room for friends and family. Or even just a small island with several smaller buildings: it doesn't have to be a mansion. I'm not picky.

Better get on becoming a multimillionaire best-selling author.

Now You!
What would you do if you became a runaway success and suddenly possessed several million dollars? (For the sake of keeping the discussion on dreams, let's assume you set up a retirement account, paid off all debts, and helped out any friends or causes you care about and still have several million left over.)