20 March 2012

Garret Tour Tuesday: Angela Orlowski-Peart

Today, Angela Orlowski-Peart has graciously agreed to show us around the spaces where her writing happens. Angela is a native of Poland, currently residing in the Seattle area. She is a full-time writer focusing mainly on contemporary, paranormal, and fantasy YA and Adult novels. The majority of Angela's writing happens during the day, while her two children are away at school and her husband is away at work, and completes revisions and edits "late evening, when the kids are soundly asleep."

"My writing space is located in my formal dining room that we rarely use. That’s where I have my 17 inch laptop and the additional monitor." 
"I like to drink hot black decaf tea with loads of honey when I write. Sometimes I have a small snack, like the organic baby carrots with goat cheese, or organic corn chips. But I prefer to take a lunch break, instead of eating while writing. Food seems to distract me more than anything else."

Angela also enjoys art and books and says she tries to always have both around. 
"In my writing space there are a few beautiful paintings and a few books, although the majority of my books are in the other part of the house, safely nested on the shelves of the bookcases."  

The dining room table is not Angela's only writing place in her house.
"I also write in other spots in my house, and for that I use my second laptop, which is only 11 inches." 

However, Angela is not strictly an at-home writer...or strictly indoors!
"I also write at our local library, at Starbucks, Tully’s Coffee, and at the restaurants, especially with an outdoor seating (during summer)."
"In summer time I often take my laptop to my backyard, where I sit in the shade and either work on a novel or a short story. These are the best writing times, since the warm air is filled with the buzzing of the bugs and sweet songs of the birds, it smells of flowers and freshly mowed grass. And because my senses feel wonderfully awaken in such surroundings, my brain locks in 'the write-mode' and I produce some interesting pieces."
Angela is truly blessed in her ability to write alone or in the company of others, claiming she doesn't get sidetracked easily. [Ed--bolding in quote below is mine.]
"I can work in a busy coffee shop or a restaurant. If the place gets too noisy, I just put my earphones in and listen to the music on iTunes or Pandora radio. I don’t get distracted by the lyrics—I kind of tune them out. Sometimes I need to listen to a particular song while working on a certain scene. Recently I absolutely had to listen to “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence in order to write a particularly tough part. I put it on replay and, I swear, I listened to this song over twenty times, while the writing flowed seamlessly!"
Angela is another writer who likes to go for walks outside.
"When I start feeling too confined by the walls of my house, writing or researching for my novel, I go for a walk. My favorite place is a small pond not far from where I live. I usually spend around half hour to an hour, walking and observing the cute ducks swimming in the pond and the abundance of trees and shrubs that surround the water. "
So as writing environments go, Angela seems extremely flexible! And she has a clear preference for experiencing the great outdoors, when weather permits. :)

You can find Angela on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and her blog. She is currently completing a YA Paranormal novel, which she says should be published sometime this summer. Looking forward to it, Angela!

Now You!
Do you ever write outdoors when the weather is nice? Do you find the great outdoors inspirational or a good writing break?