27 March 2012

Garret Tour Tuesday: Chris Kelworth

Chris Kelworth of The Kelworth Files is a writer from Ontario, Canada. He says he works "as a computer software developer under an assumed name." He seems to be involved in several online writing groups/events that occur throughout the year, "like JanNoWriMo, NaNoEdMo, and April Fools Novelling."

Chris is more of a morning-and-afternoons writer.
"I can write at just about any time of day - early in the morning is good, as soon as I'm awake enough to think clearly and have eaten something. Writing after I'm finished work in the afternoons is also good. Usually I can't manage to accomplish that much late in the evening."
Chris does do some of his writing in public, in transit, and in company, as well as in the comfort of his home.
"I do a lot of good writing on the go - sitting with an Alphasmart keyboard or netbook on the bus, or with writer friends in a coffee shop. But if I'm writing at home, I'm usually sitting in the armchair in front of the television. I wouldn't necessarily recommend that arrangement to everyone, but it isn't that hard for me to resist the urge to watch something instead of working on writing - as long as I'm feeling inspired, that is."
Wow -- two computers at once!
 Right now, Chris is mostly working on editing his writing projects and gearing up for Script Frenzy in April.
"I'm [...] mostly working my way through revising my 2009 Nano manuscript, Won't somebody think of the Children, by going through the lessons of the Holly Lisle How to Revise Your Novel course, which is a lot of work but I'm learning a LOT about writing and revision. I'm also looking forward to taking my yearly crack at script writing in April!"
So, Chris is not a night-owl type, but instead tends to write in the mornings and afternoons. He participates in a lot of writing events that cover many types of writing and many parts of the writing process, and has a local and virtual support group of writers with which to write, which is always awesome. And he's pretty chatty on his blog about the challenges of the different parts of the writing process, as well as sharing excerpts of what he's been working on. Thanks for showing us around, Chris!

Now you!
I have a netbook which I enjoy popping off to coffeeshops with, and I've been intrigued by the Alphasmart since I first heard about it several years ago. Do you prefer larger or smaller screen space when you're writing?