06 March 2012

Garret Tour Tuesday: David Powers King

David Powers King is a Utah-based writer of "MG/YA Science Fiction and Fantasy with a soft spot for zombies and the paranormal." He has a day job in psychology and a wife and kids at home, so most of his writing happens later in the day, although he notes that it can include "breaks and lunches at work, restaurants, libraries, and so on."
"Because of work and being a family guy, my time to write is in the evening, after the kidlets are in bed. Most nights I do whatever I can before midnight, because, you know, we all turn into pumpkins at midnight—or some kind of squash. So we’re looking at 3 to 4 hours a day (which includes blog writing time). This process is like a machine: exhausting, but productive."
Until recently, David's evening writing happened "on the couch or in a small room on a tiny desk." But his family recently moved to a new home, and with that came a new writing nook! (And there was much rejoicing!)
"This corner of the lower part of the house has a good-sized desk with a full wall of sturdy (and loaded) IKEA shelves. Lots of nifty knickknacks and trinkets litter my nook, from a Sting sword replica, an original Animaniacs storyboard, and a few action figures I’ve kept from my childhood (Spider-Man watches me from my printer …)."
Rockin' the new nook!
Helloooo, full set of Harry Potter books!

Hooray for IKEA bookshelves!
It's probably useful that David's got the new space, as he tends to get active when he writes.
"I’ll read out loud and give characters different voices—even say the dialogue in different ways (like an actor practicing his lines) so I can figure out how to best describe their tone of voice or expression. I might even get up and do some play fighting to better coordinate action scenes. It’s a spectacle. You should see it. This is why I write best when no one is watching. To write fantasy, you have to embrace it."
And David — who once "had the privilege of being called an "evil genius" by Orson Scott Card during one of his writing workshops" — apparently embraces it enthusiastically. [Ed—I may have to try this technique to enliven my fight scenes.]

Unlike some of us caffeine-driven writers, David says he tends to have water nearby. He may have a snack at hand — "I’ll even use Jellybellies as a dangling carrot to motivate me through a tough spot." — although he says he keeps that to a minimum because, "The manuscripts needs weight—not me."

So that's David! He writes when he can—lunches, evenings after the kids' bedtime—and manages to churn out the content. He is lucky enough to have a dedicated writing area, with creative inspirations around him.

David is currently seeking representation for his YA fantasy Woven, which looks pretty awesome, and is working on a rewrite of another project: "The Dragon’s Heart, my first stab at writing fantasy (after my wife challenged me to write in that genre—it’s her favorite)." His next plan is to start two new series—"a killer zombie concept and some ‘savory’ magic." Too freaking cool!

Now You!
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