07 March 2012

Super-Procrastinating Binge Writing

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Has it been a month already? Gosh, I suppose it has. Here we are again, and I'm going to confess one of my insecurities to the 'net and everyone. I'm a bit insecure about that, but don't worry--I won't go meta on you.

Something I've noticed lately, since I've been doing my Garret Tour Tuesday series and therefore thinking a lot about writers' habits, is that I am not a very disciplined writer. I can be productive when I sit down and focus, but getting to that point is absurdly difficult. I'm easily distracted--oh, I'll just put a load of laundry in, I need to get a drink, I need to check my email, I wonder if I'm missing anything interesting on Facebook, I'll just grab a quick snack, and now would be a really good time to organize my beads by color and think about making a necklace. 

Yup, I have finely-honed procrastination skills. It's a superpower.

The thing is that once I get going, I can churn out thousands of words in a sitting. I can sit and write for hours but it seems harder and harder to get to the point where I have six free hours to spend like that.

So yeah, I'm still struggling with the transition to Being An Adult. It's not as fun as I thought it'd be. Responsibility does not play well with Super-Procrastinating Binge Writing. Super-Procrastinating Binge Writing is better suited for writing from 11PM until falling asleep on the keyboard at 6AM, a diet of microwave ramen noodles and bottled water, and overall Lack of A Life. The addition of work obligations and desire not to totally blow off all my friends sort of throws this all to Heck. Juggling: sadly not one of my well-honed skills.

Sometimes I think I must be the only person who can't keep a schedule, and maybe I'm just not seriousface enough about the whole thing. Or maybe I'm having problems because I think I need to be more serious.

Now You!
How do you beat the procrastination kitty?