02 April 2012

Blueberry Love

Thinking about blueberries reminds me of this childhood favorite.
I have a slight obsession with blueberries. I love them fresh. I love them frozen. You know how some people will freeze grapes and eat them frozen and it's like a fancy thing? (I have done this. It is also delicious.) Yeah, I'll totally eat blueberries straight out of the freezer. My family used to go pick blueberries at a you-pick place in the summer. I think my mom and sister drove up to Michigan last summer for the Blueberry Festival. Every time I'm home, we have a big breakfast one morning and we'll have fresh, homemade pancakes or waffles with homemade whipped cream and this amazing blueberry sauce that my mom makes with blueberries and sugar and tapioca (not tapioca pudding, just tapioca). The leftover sauce is delicious chilled over plain vanilla ice cream.

So obviously when I started pinning away on Pinterest, I had to create a virtual bulletin pin-board just for delicious-looking blueberry things. So I'm gonna share a few of them with you today, in honor of blueberries.

Now You!
What are your favorite blueberry recipes?