16 April 2012

Neil Gaiman

Choosing Neil Gaiman for "N" was probably a mistake. He's awesome, no doubt -- as an author, as a comic writer, as a writer of a Doctor Who episode, as an inventor of holidays -- it's just that I'm such a fangirl that it's hard to sit down and try to write about him without getting sucked down the rabbit hole.

It took me half an hour just to write that paragraph because while looking for the above hyperlinks, I found his tumblr and ended up listening to I'm the One That's Cool five times in a row. Which has nothing to do with Neil Gaiman; he just linked to it. And they use the word "asshat" which I think is one of the most hilarious insults ever. To all the asshat jocks who beat me up in school/ now I'm the one that's cool/ I'm the one that's cool!    See? Rabbit hole.

I think the first thing of Neil's I read might have been Stardust. It was one of those books my mom randomly brought home for me. Or Coraline. I've read Stardust about fifteen million times. I only read Coraline the once. I loved Anansai Boys though, and I recently read American Gods, and so now I feel more legitimate as a Gaiman fan. I haven't even read half of the stuff Neil has written. One word often used by people describing him is prolific. His work covers a lot of different areas. You might like one book and not like another book. I think that's pretty neat.

But it's not just his books that I like about him. He is a very public person and hugely encourages other writers, young writers, and readers. He's involved in an audiobooks project. He is just a super-encouraging, generally-awesome person. Also, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are my favorite celebrity couple.  Look at them and don't think "awwwww" -- I dare you.

Picture from Neil's Tumblr here.

It's now taken me two hours to write this post. Sorry for the disjointedness. I can't focus. I keep finding interesting things about Neil to read more about and books to put on my to-read list and audiobooks I should look into... this is why I can't write about Neil Gaiman. So I will leave you with this unrelated video (that Neil shared on his Tumblr, thanks for the distraction Neil.) :

Some other day, my brain will be in the right place.

Now You!
What's your favorite work by Neil Gaiman? And if you haven't read any, whyever not?