21 April 2012


In the two short years I've been in the corporate world, shoes have become my No. 1 Nemesis. I'm the kind of girl who goes barefoot whenever possible, and when not possible prefers open-toed sandals or sneakers. Well. Young professionals do not wear sneakers. Oh-ho no! Not even casually about town. Definitely not to work.

So I bought into the high-heels lifestyle. And my high heels, they are cute. Professional. Stylin'. The problem is that I can't walk more than a hundred feet in them on any given day. But I look killer. Those heels, they belong on a power woman who goes clip clip down the hall with a pencil skirt and perfect hair. Except my hair is almost never what I would call "perfect" and I don't own a pencil skirt. And even if I did own a pencil skirt, I probably wouldn't wear it to the office on a daily basis. I get asked "what's the occasion?" just if I wear a dress. My office just really isn't that fancy. So I save the fancy (and the heels) for important days.

I think the major issue is that I have a strong belief in comfort. And comfort, my friends, is an elusive goal when dealing with professional fashion.

But also, I hardly even walk anywhere during the day. My job is pretty desk-based. At most, I might walk to two buildings over. And at 24 years old with a desk-based job, my feet should not be aching at the end of the day. I should not have to rub aching arches and bruised toes.

It's not just the heels, which are bad enough. It's flats too. They pinch my toes and chafe my heels. They're painful to wear for an entire day. All of my "professional" shoes are not wearable for a full day. I have emergency sandals in my car, my desk drawer, and a couple of purses. That's kind of outrageous.

Last week, I kind of flipped out. I lost it. I started looking for women's shoe that looked like they belonged to an adult, but a young adult. And it was hard. Thankfully, friends sent me a few suggestions and I feel slightly less full of rage, but still... why is the shoe industry full of beautiful but completely impractical options for women? This is just another one of those times I think how much easier my life would be if I was a man. Work shoes. Exercise shoes. Casual shoes. Sandals. Maybe boots. That's what, 5 pairs of shoes? Ahhhh, I wish!

Now You!
If you are a female, have you had any luck finding wearable-yet-attractive shoes? If you are not a female, go away. I hate you and your disgusting (apparent) shoe-shopping ease.