25 April 2012


I occasionally get somewhat obsessed with science fiction alien races. Probably because they're original and fascinating. So one of those races was the Vulcans. Specifically, Spock. No, I don't know the character's entire history. I haven't watched the whole Star Trek canon. I honestly don't have the patience for the original episodes -- they're just to corny for me to actually sit through -- but I appreciate the foundation they built for all the future spin-offs and movies. [Note to all hardcore fans: this is a totally legit position. I still like the stuff, and I'm not claiming to be as hardcore as you.]

Spock as a character is just freaking awesome. I mean, the Vulcans as a concept are fascinating. And obviously it's an exploration of the idea of repressing emotional reactions in favor of logic and rationality*, which is intriguing by itself. Much better than the explanation of what vampires are an exploration of.
*deleted, as  a comment pointed out this is incorrect

Also: This. This makes me so happy. (Image created by deviantartist Zink120 who wrote "I guess this is what happens if you watch The Big Bang Theory immediately after listening to party rock anthem!"If you don't see why that's awesome, I can't explain. Just. Trust me.

Now You!
Who's your favorite science fiction alien or alien race? - in any science fiction universe!