28 April 2012


As a matter of course for working with people who tend to be 20-30 years older than me, my definition of people who are "my age" has dramatically expanded to a range of about ten years.

But sometimes it still gets hammered home to me how young I am: When I realize most of my stories involve things that happened in college. When I'm working on resumes for a proposal at work, and I realize "Wow, this guy was working his first job when my sister was born" or "Hey, this guy was working on his bachelor's degree when I was in the first grade."

In my graduate school program, I'm easily a good 10 years younger than most of the other students. This is to be expected because it is a part-time night program that seems to attract mostly people who are looking to get an additional degree while maintaining a full-time job, sometimes to facilitate a career move into writing. So yeah, not a lot of people going straight out of undergrad and into this master's program.

The point is, practically everybody I interact with on a daily basis has had several lifetimes between themselves and college. I feel like high school was a lifetime ago.

Is it weird to feel impossibly young?

These are times when we need anthems like this to play really loud in cars with the windows rolled down.

Now You!
Are you ever intensely struck by age differences?