13 June 2012

By Neptune's Terrible Trident!

Sorry, I don't have an insightful or (my attempt at being) humorous post today because of this:

I know I wasn't supposed to go into a comic shop and ask for recommendations, but I did. Let me tell you why, though. It's a secondhand books and comics store, and it's adorable, and I've been going there to browse for books for probably two years. And I mean it's at the point where the owner (a very nice older lady named Edy) asked me how my classes were going and asked how Jonathan was.
If you are ever in the Washington, D.C. area, check out Hole in the Wall Books and say "hello" to Edy.
And she had recommendations for what comic books I might like, based on what I've bought or asked about in fantasy or literature before, because she just remembers what I like. So based on browsing through her recommendations and what some of you guys said last week, I settled on a Wonder Woman collection. (I'm also now intrigued by the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.) They had a copy of one of Neil Gaiman's Sandman books, so I got a chance to look at the art style in that & am even more keenly looking forward to the library getting it in.

So I'll be going back to Wonder Woman about now...

P.S. I can't be the only person to look at a black-and-white line comic and have an itch for a set of crayons. It's even printed on coloring-book-style paper, too. I just want to color Wonder Woman...

Now You!

What have you picked up lately that has been surprisingly awesome? Comic, book, movie, anything!