08 July 2012

Photo Essay: Great Duck Island

Instead of writing about our trip to Great Duck Island and the students who are spending the summer there working on ecology field projects with the College of the Atlantic, I've decided to showcase some of this beautiful island 11 miles off the coast of Maine in a photo essay.

Lichen hanging off an island tree.
A bright mushroom growing in the spongy moss-covered path.
Plants growing berries near Blondie Bay.
An ecology student discusses some of the plant growth on the island.
Previously-cleared part of the island near the old lighthouse, where the ecology students live during the summer.
Lighthouse the ecology students climb every morning to do the daily bird count.
Interior of the lighthouse.

A pair of seagulls near the nesting grounds.
An ecology student holds a juvenile seagull.
My instructor, Melissa, holds a seagull chick.
The chick is soft like a kitten. 
Yellow flowers near the researchers' house.
An ecology student holds a petrel, one of the species of island nesting birds they are studying.
A fellow science-medical writer perches over the Roman-bath area known by the students as Atlantis.
View of the island and the boathouse as we leave the island.