25 September 2012

A list of little lists

One incomplete thing I was surprised to discover last week and which I intend to rectify this week

  1. My voter's registration form was never processed two years ago, when I submitted it while applying for my license.

Two books in the pile I tripped over in my bedroom on Sunday, from top of pile

  1. The Alchemist, by Paolo Coehlo
  2. Inheritance, by Christopher Paolini

Three people who have telephoned me, in reverse-chronological order

  1. Jonathan, my young man
  2. Bill, a researcher I had just spoken with about a piece I'm working on for my thesis
  3. Linda, my mom

Four things that happened Thursday evening, by number of instances

  1. number of times someone at the bar where I stopped for dinner claimed he could tell I was from the Midwest by my haircolor, which incidentally came from a bottle down the street not an hour before
  2. number of hours I spent at the hair salon, mistakenly thinking it would be a nice break from the editing process
  3. number of times the hair stylist pointed out the acne along my hairline
  4. number of times the same hair stylist stabbed me in the neck with her fingernail while washing soap out of my hair

Five things I ate yesterday, in chronological order

  1. Peppercorn Shrimp, from Panda Express
  2. Mushroom Chicken, from Panda Express
  3. Spinach feta egg wrap, from Starbucks
  4. Salad with corn salsa, sunflower seeds, and craisins, from chez moi
  5. Cooked cinnamon apples, from chez moi

Six things I've listened to obsessively in the last week, in no particular order

Maybe you can glean something about the state of my brain through this YouTube playlist of songs I've recently been rather enamored with.
  1. Into the Wild, by LP
  2. The Bed Song, by Amanda Palmer
  3. Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra, by Gotye
  4. A Glorious Dawn, by Symphony of Science
  5. Canvas Bags, by Tim Minchin
  6. I'm the One That's Cool, by The Guild 

Seven things I read yesterday, in no particular order

  1. A text from a friend, apologizing for not having time to properly communicate
  2. 50 pages of a book about cadavers
  3. An email from my thesis adviser with a great recommendation for fixing an opening sentence that had been bothering me
  4. An advice column that included a person asking how to tell her fiance she had been a "sugar baby" and a person seeking advice on how to tell his business partner her clothing was too revealing
  5. A grammar advice blog on the difference between "less than" and "fewer than"
  6. An email from an interviewee answering followup questions and explaining several attached pictures
  7. A blog post in which the writer claims to be the worst blogger in the history of the universe, but actually touches on a topic that has been on my mind lately: how to keep the natural, first-draft voice while also being able to get the structure and flow that comes from multiple revisions.

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