10 October 2012

10 Books That Will Make You Sexy and Rich*

I keep meaning to do a real review of a lot of books. Somehow, I keep not getting around to it. So today, I've gathered up ten books I have found awesome in some way. These ten books will make you sexy and rich.* Instead of a real review (which half of you probably wouldn't read anyway for fear of spoilers), I'm going to give you two brief pieces of information about each book: (1) a feature or two, and (2) a warning.
*no guarantees, no refunds

Picture by: Callie Leuck. 10 books that will make you sexy and rich.
Fun Fact: Each of these books has an interesting story about how/when/why I got it.

Orson Scott Card
Features: genius children in space who are training to be military leaders when the aliens return 
Warning: at least two instances of extreme violence against children, by children (not overly-dramatized)

Robin McKinley
Features: urban fantasy (but sort of small-town), baker girl with a special affinity for sunlight, vampires
Warning: no vampire smut (just in case you expect that in your vampire books)

Lynne Truss
Features: punctuation comedy
Warning: follows British punctuation rules (can be confusing at first to Americans)

Jen Campbell
Features: what it promises in the title
Warning: can cause laughter (note: in American publication title, "bookshops" is changed to "bookstores")

Neil Gaiman
Features: young man in ~1800s (maybe?) England goes to Faerie to retrieve a fallen star for his beloved
Warning: someone on Amazon was upset their child read a "soft-core sex scene" (I didn't remember this, first read it when I was a teenager and wasn't psychologically scarred)

Paolo Coehlo
Features: a fable about following your dreams
Warning: might cause thinking (I reread this book once a year)

Clare B. Dunkle
Features: strong female lead, fantastic goblin culture
Warning: brings up moral issues about cultural bride-stealing (some people seem upset this topic is included)

Gregory Maguire
Features: awesome background story of the Wicked Witch of the West
Warning: adult content, reads like a life and not like a story with a plot (just be chill)

Ray Bradbury
Features: 100 short stories by Ray Bradbury (author of Fahrenheit 451)
Warning: addictive (some more so than others)

Features: definitions of words
Warning: arranged alphabetically, does not prompt with the correct spelling (however, 11th ed. includes CD-ROM and online subscription)

Now You!

Give me a feature and warning for a book YOU like that is not on this list.