30 October 2012

Photo Essay and the Last Word on Nothing

Photo Essay: Life Lately, According to my Digital Camera Card

I'm mimicking the "Life Lately, According to Instagram" posts that have been floating around. This is great for me right now because I don't really have the time to write a whole post-thing, nor any topics worthy of it, as my life lately has been consumed by my thesis deadline in November. So you can probably expect more picture-posts and less writing-posts for the near future. In the meantime, these pictures pretty accurately capture my last week.

Picture by: Callie Leuck

Top: Pile of research printed for reference for my thesis, in the event the hurricane was to knock out the power.
Bottom Left: Fresh espresso in an Abraham Lincoln shot glass. (The other side shows the first few words of the Gettysburg Address.)
Bottom Right: Hot vegetarian bean chili, with a roommate's Halloween decoration in the background.

Picture by: Callie Leuck
Top: I've rediscovered the relaxing properties of coconut incense. (Background: an angel of reading who lost her wings. I'm not kidding. They fell off and I have no idea where they went. Someone ring a bell!)
Bottom Left: Pile of books accumulated by either referencing them in thesis revisions or reading in breaks.
Bottom Right: Post-hurricane, I finally dug my duck boots out for the first time in two years.

The Last Word on Nothing

The Last Word On Nothing is a joint blog by some extremely talented science writers: I can only hope to one day be as supercool and incredibly badass as this group of people. There are some pretty cool things that you'll probably never have heard of, and the writing is...just superb. 

Some LOWN posts to check out:
One of the writers on LWON is Ann Finkbeiner, who wrote one of the books that got me excited about science writing in the first place: The Jason: The Secret History of Science's Postwar Elite. A few months ago, Ann asked if I'd be interested in writing a guest post for LWON. Obviously I said yes. Last week, I finally sent her a silly little thing I'd been toying with off-and-on for a few months, and apparently she doesn't hate it. I'll share a link when it is up. At any rate, please go check out some of those pieces linked above.