15 November 2012

Watch This Space

It's the home stretch of thesis, so I'm running on terror and coffee, which is surprisingly efficient writerly fuel. Watch this space for future updates on my survival status and whether I have obtained Thanksgiving food. (Maybe pictures of food! I'd offer a picture of the fam, but they're a bit photo-shy. Nevertheless, I shall obtain some visiting-home-related photos.)

Where I've been

Last week, I was at the Last Word On Nothing, talking about zombies, ham radio, and emergency preparedness.

This week, I was at Allison Writes, where Allison asked me some questions about writing and science writing and stuff. Here's one of my favorites.
Allison: What are your quirks to get started writing, or to keep yourself writing, or reward yourself for finishing? 
Callie: I guess I start writing either because it's fun & I'm inspired, or I have a deadline and I'm terrified. A lot more of the latter lately.
It's funny 'cause it's true. *womp womp*

In the meantime, what is the deal with the Christmas decorations? There were garlands and red bows up outside the Starbucks a few days ago when I stopped for a latte. I was excited about the Christmas lattes, but not so much about the Christmas music and the Christmas decorations. However, for the sake of my sanity, I've decided to embrace it.

Here's what the American collective psyche has felt like this year.

Oh, America. I really do love you. But you have GOT to take it DOWN a notch.

Now You!

How are you doing? What have you been up to?