02 January 2013

IWSG: Writing Resolutions for 2013

I've certainly made personal-life goals for the year, but in lieu of sharing those (publicly sharing personal-life goals always feels to me like a set-up for failure) I offer this list of my writing resolutions for 2013.
  1. Write at least three times a week. (Any genre.)
  2. Write at least one short science-related piece a month. 
  3. Create a list of publications that might be interested in my nonfiction science articles.
  4. Continue submitting my nonfiction articles.
  5. Get enough nonfiction pieces published to qualify for full membership in the National Association of Science Writers. (As my student membership is expiring soon.)
  6. Submit short stories to literary magazines.
  7. Finish another draft of my fiction story.
  8. Read more classics.
Some of those goals are related; I broke some up into smaller goals to make individual steps more easily apparent. Also, I'll likely write quite a bit more than three times a week, but I wanted a goal I could meet even on particularly hectic weeks.

Number eight (Read more classics.) is because I tend to not read the classics; given the choice of an entire library, I gravitate toward YA or humor. There is a reason the classics are classic, and when I do read them I learn more about writing. It would be worthwhile to make a concerted effort to read more classics. Also, they tend to be rather enjoyable. (Surprise!)

Now You!
What is something you hope to achieve in 2013? 

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