14 February 2013

Mustachioed Mania

Decorating trends amuse me. A LOT. I was pretty amused by Portlandia's "Put A Bird On It" while, at the same time, unashamedly enjoying things with birds on.

Anyway, I've noticed lately that the trend has shifted toward owls* and, mysteriously, mustaches. Personally, I find mustaches somewhat strange. Movember, the month in which men grow mustaches to raise awareness and/or funds for men's health issues (specifically testicular and prostate cancer), always makes me feel slightly as though I've done the Time Warp into the seventies. Or any decade that isn't this one.

*Why? I don't know and I don't care; they're adorable. I hope frogs are next.

And there isn't really a modern mustache, is there? They're either retro, dapper, or redneck.** However, as a silhouette to decorate items, they're certainly making a comeback. I've seen mustachioed mugs, mustachioed fingers, and even mustachioed walls. At a nearby art gallery, one item was simply an enormous burnished metal mustache, in case you needed to dapper up your wall.
**If you're not sure what category your mustache falls into, it is redneck. 
In fact, it's probably redneck anyway, unless you actually lived 
through a decade in which mustaches were legitimate fashion.

Honestly, the thing I love most about the mustachioed mania is the ever-increasing opportunity to use the word mustachioed. I began to seriously consider obtaining a mustachioed item such as a mug in order to increase my personal opportunities to use the word mustachioed.

In my search for mustachioed mugs, I came across this gem on the Wikimedia Commons.

Picture from Wikimedia Commons. The cup on the right practically screams "Put your mustache here" with its mustachioed mustache guard.
Look at it. JUST LOOK AT IT. Isn't that glorious?

According to Wikipedia, mustachioed gents used to have a problem with their hot beverages staining their mustaches. Also, the steam melted the wax in the mustaches and sent it -- you guessed it: right into your nice hot tea! (Who's gagging now? Be honest.)

Is it true? I'm not sure. It's only a stub on Wikipedia and one has to have a certain amount of skepticism about crowdsourced encyclopedias at any rate. Nevertheless, it's an excellent story which I hope to someday see incorporated into steampunk novels.

Maybe we will see the original mustachioed mug with the mustachiod mustache shield make a comeback if mustaches themselves continue to make a comeback with the dapper young men. They're already wearing bow ties (which I admit do look pretty stylish) and suspenders (which are merely a temptation to snap, lads).

In closing I leave you with this rather wonderful acapella artist Peter Hollins, who sportingly grew a Freddie Mercury  mustache to really get in character for his Queen tribute video.

What do you think of the mustachioed mania? Would you buy mustache decals to mustachio everything? (That does sounds like something I would do.) Let me know in the comments!