06 April 2013

Living in the Future

I got a smartphone, and I'm not sure how I lived before it. (i.e., last week) The touchscreen aspect isn't difficult, as I feared it would be. The apps were easy to download and set up. It was a bit of fiddling to figure out how to port my email onto the mail function of my phone, but I was absurdly pleased with myself to have achieved it. So now I send emails with that self-important little "Sent from my iPhone" tag on the bottom because I forget to delete it every time and have not yet figured out how to disable it. It is not, as Jonathan pointed out to me, as charmingly ironic as my usual email tagline: "Sent from my freeze ray." [With my freeze ray I will / stop the world.]

I did finish Jurgen and I believe I'll listen to it again. And perhaps read some more books by Cabell. He has a very strange sense of humor and I'm not entirely sure I caught all his jokes. But the ones I did catch were quite dirty. And again I remind myself I must reread Dante's Divine Comedy. As soon as I figure out where I put it.

Jurgen is part of my read more classics goal this year.
If you follow me on Goodreads*, you may see my slow but steady progress. I've been averaging about two classics a month, which is pretty good progress in my opinion. Some are faster reads than others; I'm currently wading through Charles Dickens' David Copperfield, which so far has been enjoyable although I'm just waiting for some awful thing to happen to Little Em'ly. (Thanks so much for the foreshadowing, Mr. Dickens.)
*If I might not recognize your name offhand, mention you saw this post 
or I might not approve your friend request.

Some news:
A photostory of my photographs has been published by Outside In Literary and Travel Magazine. You can see it here, although I caution you to click on one of the photographs to scroll through and see them all because only portions of them appear on the page. Also in this issue are works by my fellow Johns Hopkins writers: a photostory by the talented Vicki Valosik and an amazing nonfiction personal essay by Jean Kim.

I'm looking forward to a conference next Saturday, April 13 in Washington DC: Conversations and Connections. I'm particularly interested in the sessions on rejection and on freelancing. Writers in the DC area may be interested in snagging one of the few remaining tickets.

I leave you with a piece of art I did this week, because, as Neil Gaiman says, the thing to do is to make good art. I suppose "Make Art" is good enough. And with the whole de-evolution thing going on lately, this may even be what living in the future now looks like.** So you can see, I brought it back around to my professed topic.
**This statement is extremely tongue-in-cheek. Disclaimer for those who think I'm serious. 
(Callie raises an eyebrow at you.)
Can you spot all the references?
More weird computer art from the MS Paint palette of Callie Leuck.