02 July 2013

#IWSG: 5 Things Grumpy Cat Would Say To Insecure Writers

I made a MS Paint picture of Grumpy Cat and put it into a meme generator. I thought this might be funny but it's actually halfway sad. Grumpy Cat is a great vehicle for straight-up conveying the genuine insecurities all of us writers actually have.

Rejections! They're the best. MOAR PLS!

Depressing on multiple levels!
Shout out to my Utah writers!
So does Grumpy Cat.
SO YEAH. I tried for some funny but it didn't work. If you can make a funny one, be my guest. You can hop right over to the meme generator to put your own text onto a Grumpy Cat talking to Insecure Writers. Maybe it will be cathartic for someone or other. Maybe one of you can come up with a funny one!

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