06 November 2013

#IWSG: Meta-insecurity

I've rewritten this post several times, and it's getting ridiculous. I have a bevy of writing-related insecurities that apparently I am not yet ready to discuss publicly.

One of these things is a Top Sekret Project. It's not really top secret, but I'm not really ready to talk about it yet. It's a project with a science-medical writing friend that has been in the works for probably a year now & is suddenly becoming all too real. Like, holy shit, things are becoming real things. Progress has been necessarily slow, but in the near future, like probably December, things might start going very fast and busy. I can't even believe our audacity. More on that later, probably, and apologies for the lack of details.

Speaking of audacity, I feel like I am being rather audacious at work. I have been pretty much dismantling extant pieces of writing and putting them back together, hopefully in a more-useful configuration. It's all government documents that are written in Lawyer. I am trying to translate it from Lawyer into Regular Folks. It is surprisingly mentally stimulating, but I am constantly insecure that I have done something wrong with the writing or somehow inadvertently changed it to be inaccurate. This is all healthcare information, so it's important to not be incorrect. I would really hate to be incorrect.

And apparently that's all for now. I'm being super insecure about things I am not going to tell you very much about at all. Because I'm not secure enough to tell you much about them.

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