03 June 2014

We Are Not In A Romantic Comedy

Anybody remember me saying back in January that I really miss writing fiction? Well, I tried writing a short fiction story based on a prompt from Prompt & Circumstance, and I submitted it to their spring contest. The editors, bless 'em, sent it back and said they liked it but wanted more. So I rewrote it with some great feedback from friends, and the revised short story won an honorable mention in the 2014 spring contest and was published in Issue 3 of their literary journal, Promptly.

Promptly, Issue 3
My story: We Are Not In A Romantic Comedy
Interview with me

This was a bit experimental for me, as I discuss in the interview. Straight fiction, not fantasy, somewhat of a romance. Very new ground. It was fun!

I encourage you to read the other winners in that issue as well! There are some truly excellent pieces of writing in there. I'm still blown away by the second-place winner "Big Gulp" by Simon Barth. Who could pack such a story in two paragraphs?!

And all my writerly readers out there: check out the prompts on Prompt & Circumstance. Maybe try your hand at one. Actually, that goes for my readers who don't consider themselves "writers," as well. Want to dabble in story? Fiction, memoir, nonfiction, poetry? Give it a go. G'won.