29 July 2014

Oh, Chocolate Fortune Cookie, tell me more...

This past weekend, I was with my brother and sister in Chicago for my sister's birthday. She's kind of a BAMF. And my brother's an incredibly funny art student. So they basically just riff off each other practically all the time. I'm barely even sure why we bothered going to see Second City (besides the fact that, duh, it's Second City) do a comedy show because I've rarely laughed as hard as I did last month when the three of us were driving to a wine and beer festival and Sis got Bro to read the entire lyrics of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" in the voice of Barack Obama giving a speech.

Yes. That happened. I thought we were gonna have to pull off the road.

Anyway, we were in Chicago, and we were in Chinatown, because when you go to Chicago you have to go to Chinatown to get pastries. And that's when I saw the holy grail of fortune telling: bags of chocolate fortune cookies.

Obviously I had to buy a ginormous bag of chocolate fortune cookies. For the office. Because how else do you justify buying an enormous bag of fortune cookies?

The best part is that within these glorious treats are real, actual fortunes. None of that nonsense about proverbs or words of wisdom. These cookies go all in. They really make fortunes. And boy was I flabbergasted on Monday when I popped open one of these bad boys to see a perfectly-tailored fortune.

It tasted like Cocoa Pebbles. And accomplishment.