21 January 2015

5 Useful Science Tips for Writers

Is this why all my best ideas happen at night?
Source: http://usefulscience.org/post/darkness-and-dim-lighting-can-improve-creativity
We all knew this but now science proves it!
Source: http://usefulscience.org/post/walking-whether-outside-or-treadmill-leads-more-creative-thinking
Use this one to justify your messiness to your spouse/partner/roommate/dog.
Source: http://usefulscience.org/post/messiness-can-help-boost-creativity
For when you're choosing your next desktop background.
Source: http://usefulscience.org/post/color-computer-backgrounds-can-influence-task-performance
This study focued on children, but heck, I certainly know enough writers who think it's applicable to adults too.
Source: http://usefulscience.org/post/handwriting-composition-task-generated-more-ideas-typing
This list comes to you from Useful Science, a site where a team of mostly PhD scientists find interesting studies and summarize the useful bits of them. I'm addicted. I joined the team in November, after meeting a Useful Science contributor at the National Association of Science Writer's 2014 conference in October.

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I curated this list of interesting bits of science for writers because I kept finding neat tidbits in the Useful Science archives. You can click through to the website in the source links above for more information on the study  — and typically new stories about the study, as well.

You can probably expect more Useful Science lists in the future — let me know what you're interested in!