28 April 2015

Quotes: Where does the punctuation go?

I occasionally get contacted to write promotional posts and I usually politely decline, but this time I thought it was a perfect fit. (Disclaimer: I am not receiving payment for this post; I am sharing because I think this is a good fit for my readers.) 

Nick of Grammarly asked if I'd be interested in using one of their infographics, and I think this one is deeply interesting. I would LOVE to hear all of your thoughts on this subject.

Image from original Grammarly post by Jocelyn Blore

Of course when working with an institution, you have to follow the house style guide. But it's very interesting to think about this. I used to be hard-core standard, but I have recently begun to feel swayed by the logical argument.

I've always felt the number one rule of grammar is to be consistent. So, if you didn't have to follow a house style guide, which of these do you think you would choose?

Is one better than the other?

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