06 May 2015

#IWSG: The one discouraging thing that gets me down about my writing

The hard thing about nonfiction is that you cannot make it up. You have to do serious research. I'm a pretty good researcher. I'm not great yet; I haven't really mastered a great organizational system (suggestions welcomed!), but I'm fairly okay. I need to get better at this though.

The other thing about research is you usually have to go interview people, and this often means you end up with a TON of interview information that is incredibly difficult to sift through. Trying to sort through facts and quotes to tease out some sort of narrative and then impose a structure upon it...it's hard, you guys! Oh, and interviewing is pretty difficult, too.

I find that sometimes it can be a very small discouraging thing that dumps water on your previously-in-full-swing parade. One piece of information that, as it turns out, simply doesn't exist. One person who is ambivalent about your subject matter. Or just one person who out and says to your face that they don't read books.

Sometimes I find it hard to regain my previous momentum. Maybe my idea is stupid. Maybe people really don't read books. Maybe people don't read nonfiction books.

I just don't understand people who aren't curious about the world, be it fiction or nonfiction. And I cannot believe there aren't many many people out there who do care and would read these things and would very much enjoy them.

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