13 October 2015


How is a broth bowl different from soup?

I should stock up on fashion leggings in my size before they go out of style again.

I must have a much more sedentary lifestyle than I'd thought.

Maybe I should offer to wash the neighbors' fence.

How does the dog manage to stink so much within less than a day after a bath?

I wonder how many people have a tattoo that's just the word "tattoo." I wonder how many are misspelled.

I love that cat but if she tries to trip me on my way to the bathroom in the morning one more time, I'm going to lose it. And probably twist my ankle.

I wonder if anybody has made a list of most addictive audiobooks.

If I'm 27, how much would I need to save to retire at 50?

I should have taken more minority studies courses in college.

Where would be a good place to go in February that is warm and outside of the U.S. but not so far that it's not worth travelling to for only 4 days?

I'm pretty sure I'm more-than-typically educated about the gender identity spectrum, but I have no idea what this article about nonbinary femmes is talking about.

Sunsets are actually a fairly easy natural phenomenon to explain.

This internet bill is insane. How many MBPs do we really need?

Apparently there ARE some carbs the dog won't snarf up: those that are sullied with lemon flavor.

What is this white powder everywhere?

I wish science would make up its mind about whether coffee is good or bad so I can decide if it's a good idea to have another.

Most days are good days if you get to quote "Mulan."

Did the whole world only recently discover the Bitch Planet comics? I thought everybody knew about them. I might have unknowingly liked a thing before it was popular.

It's interesting what we call traditional even though it's only been around for maybe a generation.

Yes, I do still know every word to every Backstreet Boys song. Apparently.

It's really not that hard to cast more women and minorities in films. Hollywood should hire me to do this.

That's the third time in a row someone agreed with me instead of telling me what I've done wrong. I must be getting more competent.

How are we seriously still observing Columbus Day?

Of course emoji qualify as a language.

Anybody who thinks feathered dinosaurs aren't scary has clearly never googled artist renditions of plumed raptors.